Which Of The Following Statements Is NOT True About Propaganda?…

Which Of The Following Statements Is NOT True About Propaganda?…

Which of the following statements is NOT true about propaganda?

a. It is very common in advertisements, where they try to make consumers patronize the products or services they offer

b. It is a communication that is primarily used to influence an audience.

c. It is an art of persuasion.

d. It can range from claims that the majority of people are using the products/services, approvals from experts or famous personalities, and so on

2. Which of the following statements is NOT applicable to recognize bias?

a. Watch for stereotypes

b. Look for loaded words

c. Ignore sides of argumentation

d. Notice vague language or generalizations

3. Which of the following questions is NOT aligned to focus on the audience?

a. What is the situation around you when delivering a speech?

b. Who are the intended listeners?

c. Will the choice of words appropriate to the level of listeners?

d. What must be learned and felt in your speech?


4. Which is not an attribute of an active listener?

a. Paying attention

b. Giving prejudice

c. Responding appropriately

d. Providing feedback

5. Which purpose do you use the following cohesive devices: thus, hence, therefore

a. addition of ideas

b. contrasting ideas

c. concluding ideas

d. introducing ideas

6. It is an opinion or prejudice that affects the author’s writing and prevents the author from being completely neutral about a topic or issue.

a. stereptypes

b. bias

c. generalizations

d. loaded words

Option 3

7. Which among the following statements is NOT true?

a. Faulty parallelism happens when patterns of words in a sequence or a list is not parallel or

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b. Conjunctions are used to join parallel parts in a sentence with similar ideas.

c. Parallel structure can be in a pattern of words, phrases and clauses.

d. Parallel Structure means using the same pattern of words to show imbalance of ideas.

8. It is a kind listening intended to make evaluation or scrutiny of a text.

a. Informational Listening

b. Critical Listening

c. Intensive Listening

d. Empathetic Listening

9. It is a propaganda technique that is often vague but presents positive ideas like those found in slogan or posters.

a. Glittering Generalities

b. Bandwagon

c. Plain Folks

d. Testimonial

10. Juan is lazy. He does not do his homework or revision well. ___________, he always gets 0 marks in his tests.

a. so

b. thus

c. however

d. after

11. ___________ save the kitten, we took him to the vet immediately.

a. since

b. when

c. in order to

d. because

12. Maria is a beautiful and smart girl. _________, she is kind. She always takes care of the sick animals. ___________, every one likes her very much.

a. However, Since

b. Moreover, So

c. Therefore, However

d. Besides, Therefore

13. What kind of listening are you going to employ if you will make a reaction paper?

a. Informational Listening

b. Empathetic Listening

c. Critical Listening

d. Therapeutic Listening

14. It is a kind of discrimination where a group of people are labelled.

a. racial

b. generalization

c. bias

d. stereotype

15. Parallelism can be observed in the pattern of the following EXCEPT ______.

a. word

b. text

c. phrase

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d. clause

16. Although, despite, rather, nevertheless are words that indicate ______.

a. Contrast

b. Comparison

c. Conclusion

d. Introduction

17. They can indicate sequence, addition, comparison, contrast, causation, illustration, or emphasis

a. Coordinating Conjuntions

b. Signal Words

c. Transition Markers

d. Subordinating Conjunctions

18. What type of speech is a eulogy?

a. Informative Speech

b. Persuasive Speech

c. Special Occasion Speech

d. Argumentative Speech

19. It is a type of speech where the speaker presents points to make the audience side with the case of the speaker or to forward an advocacy.

a. Persuasive

b. Informative

c. Special Occasion

d. Argumentative

20. These are words that are expressed with strong emotions that can reveal a person’s opinion or bias.

a. bias

b. prejudice

c. stereotype

d. loaded words

























Which Of The Following Statements Is NOT True About Propaganda?…

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