Why Is It Important To Responsibly Use Our Freedom?

Why is it important to responsibly use our freedom?


Freedom is the ability to set your schedule, to decide on the work you do, to make decisions.

Responsibility is being held accountable for your actions. It might involve figuring out how to get paid for your work, owning your mistakes or having others count on you.

Freedom without responsibility is certainly tempting, but there are few people who will give you that gig and take care of you and take responsibility for your work as well.

Responsibility without freedom is stressful. There are plenty of jobs in this line of work, just as there are countless jobs where you have neither freedom nor responsibility. These are good jobs to walk away from.


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Even you have freedom, it’s important for you to be responsible using your freedom to know the limitation of your actions,perspective. In this way you could prevent abussing it and prevent too much provoking and abusing that is out of limitation as a person.

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