Write A Reflection About This Quote "If My Identity Isn’t Rooted In CHRIST Then My…

Write a reflection about this quote “If my identity isn’t rooted in CHRIST then my service is just busyness propped up by pride” Relate it in your life as a Catholic.


As Christians, we are commanded to develop and bear fruit for the glory of God, much like a tree. We are asked to progress as Christians, to raise disciples, and to honor God in the work he has given us to undertake.

Establishing deep roots in Jesus Christ is essential for our spiritual growth and fruitfulness. Jesus offers all of the necessary nutrients for us to grow and bear fruit, as well as the foundation we need to stand steady in the face of adversity.

Being rooted in Christ entails laying down deep roots or a solid foundation in Him. Rooting yourself in Jesus entails developing a strong trust and reliance on Him in order to avoid falling or being tossed around during hardships.

Being anchored in God’s love helps Christians develop a strong sense of confidence and identity in Christ. We are infused with the confidence and power of the Holy Spirit to do what God has created us to do when we realize how much we are loved.

And because we are anchored in God’s love, we can withstand peer pressure or external pressure because we know we are already loved and accepted by God. We shall have the confidence to reject the ways of the world when we are tempted to mislead by things of this world that appear sensible.

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Why Is It Essential to Be Grounded in Christ?

Here are reasons why it’s critical to be rooted in Jesus Christ, aside from experiencing and living in the fullness of Christ and his love.

  • To be able to persevere in the face of adversity

Being rooted in Christ also enables us to stand strong and resolute in the face of adversity.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 7 that people who believe in the Lord will be like a tree planted by the water, not afraid of the heat.

If we are not rooted in Christ, we are just doing things on our own. We lean on our own strength and understanding. We do not consider His will. If we are rooted in Christ it means that we surrender everything to HIm.

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