Write The Letter Of The Correct Answer: 1. Dynamics Refers To…

Write the letter of the correct answer: 1. Dynamics refers to the use of volume to depict emotion and drama in music compositions. Which of the following indicates the correct order of increasing dynamics? A. crescendo, piano, pianissimo, forte, mezzo forte B. fortissimo, forte, mezzo forte, piano, diminuendo C. mezzo piano, piano, mezzo forte, forte, fortissimo D. piano, mezzo piano, forte, mezzo forte, fortissimo 2. A percussion instrument that provides a rattling sound in a composition because of the metal wires attached diagonally at its bottom head. A. Bass drum B. Cymbals C. Snare drum D. Xylophone 3. The biggest and has the lowest pitch in the woodwind family. It can produce a comic and unique sound that’s why it is called as “clown” of the orchestra. A. Bassoon B. Clarinet C. Flute D. Saxophone 4. What will you do if you see this sign in a musical sheet? A. End the song B. Go back to the spot in the music where you see that symbol C. Skip that section D. Sing louder in that section 5. The simplest musical form, it is used mostly in popular, folk, religious and Christmas carols. This section of musical form is labelled as A. The song “Joy to the World” is an example. A. Binary B. Strophic C. Ternary D. Tertiary 6. A photo essay that tells a story about change over time. Example: a mom-to-be’s pregnancy or a child’s growth from infancy into the toddler years. A. Building Photo Essay B. Day in the Life Photo Essay C. Historic Site or Landmark Photo Essay D. Transformation Photo Essay 7. A camera part or mechanism that “releases” the shutter and therefore enables the ability to capture the image. A. Aperture B. Flash C. Shutter release D. View finder 8. The art, application, and practice of creating durable images by recording light, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film. A. calligraphy B. cinematography. C. Photography D. Pictography 9. A thin sheet of cardboard, plastic, or metal with a pattern or letters cut out of it, used to produce the cut design on the surface below by the application of ink or paint through the holes. A. design B. paint C. squeegee D. stencil 10. The process of pressing ink through a stenciled mesh screen to create a printed design. A. Leaf printing B. Photography C. Poster making D. Screen printing 11. An Indigenous dance from Laguna, a war dance between the Muslims and the Christians who battled over a coconut meat (latik). A. Itik-Itik B. Maglalatik C. Sayaw sa Bangko D. Singkil 12. How can we avoid risk in dancing activity? A. do warm up exercises B. wear proper clothing C. eating sugary foods D. A and B 13. According to the Philippine Physical Activity Pyramid, how often can you dance? A. few times a month B. 4 to 6 times a week C. 2 to 3 times a week D. never 14. Dancing can increase your ________so that you can prevent fatigue which is the main cause of injuries in dancers. A. weight B. stamina C. speed D. heart rate 15. The following are the benefits that you can get from dancing EXCEPT________. A. It makes you happy. B. It promotes good blood circulation. C. Stamina and flexibility increase. D. It can make you become overweight. 16. Which of the following statements is FALSE about Pests and Rodents. A. Pests and rodents found in school and home can cause serious threat to the health of the community. B. Sanitation can reduce pests and rodents. C. Dark and unclean environment can be a breeding ground for pests and rodents. D. Diseases caused by pests and rodents cannot be transmitted by food and water. 17. A rare bacterial infection we get from animals. It’s spread through their urine, especially from dogs, rodents, and farm animals. A. Dengue Fever B. Cholera C. Leptospirosis D. Malaria 18. Noise Pollution refers to a sound that is annoying, a nuisance or undesired for the ears and that which can impact the activity or behavior of the animal and human life. Which of the following is the effect of noise pollution? A. Difficulty in sleeping B. Cardiovascular Problems C. Emotion and behavioral change D. All the above 19. The following statements show good suggestions on how to control noise pollution EXCEPT________. A. Setting the volume to maximum when listening to music. B. Asking the driver to slow down so the machine would not produce loud noise. C. Turning off immediately the ring tone of my cellphone if someone call. D. Talk to the people who are shouting to lower their voice and talk normally. 20. It is a bacterial infection caused by drinking water or consuming food that is contaminated by bacterium Vibrio cholerae. A. Asthma B. Cholera C. Lung Cancer D. Typhoid Fever​

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